Kidney Transplant Care

A kidney transplant is an operation performed on a patient experiencing kidney failure to give him or her a new, functioning kidney. A transplant is usually recommended before seeking dialysis treatments.

If you require kidney replacement therapy, we first refer you for transplant evaluation. If you have undergone a kidney transplant, you will continue receiving long-term care with our team.

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We refer patients to the following hospitals for kidney transplantation:

University of Colorado Hospital
Aurora Court, 7th Floor
Aurora, CO 80045

Click here to learn about University of Colorado Hospital’s kidney transplant services.

Porter Adventist Hospital
2535 S. Downing St., Suite 380
Denver, CO 80210

Presbyterian St. Luke’s

1719 E 19th Ave

Denver, CO 80218

720-754 – 6000

Click here to learn about Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital’s kidney transplant services.

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